I (Annie) think I'll put aside my own blog and continue with Amy. It is more fun that way.

Recently I've found myself replacing French words and grammar with lyrics from Justin Bieber and Superchick songs. You haven't heard of Superchick? Umm.... well, you clearly haven't been spending your days with Evangelical Christian girls 5-10 years old.

Yesterday I let the girls I babysit make a movie with my computer using Photobooth. It was titled, "The Girl Who Didn't Have Any Friends, EXCEPT for the Girl Who Offered to Be Her Friend Part One, Two, Three, Four, and sure enough, Five."

I went for a run today and ran into (not literally, thankfully enough) the mom of one of my best friends in middle school.

"Oh hey Annie!"

Huffing and puffing, "Oh hey, how's it going?"

"Great, so you are done with school now?"

"Yeah, I finished in January, but I just moved home, and now I'm applying to a job with Americorps to help pay off my loans."

"Oh great, what did you major in?"




"Well, good luck!"


I continue on the run, listening to "Break your Heart" by Taio Cruz & Ludacris.

Do I have the guts to say that I debate with a five year old boy named Benjamin everyday single day whether or not he's gone potty? (PS, I love this kid. The family adopted him from Haiti, and over the last two years we've started to trust and love each other.)

Or that when I play barbies with the girls they always show one boobie of the mean girl (barbie) so all the other barbies know she is bad?

Do I have the guts to say that the last time I laughed really hard was when the five year old (potty debate opponent) put ketchup and mustard on his ice cream cone and said, "ummm this tastes gooood!!"

Or, even worse, that even though I pretend to be super concerned with my loans, the first thing I did after getting paid from my nanny hours of going to the zoo, visiting science museums, playing in lego wars, cleaning up bloody noses, (i'll stop now) was purchasing every season of Sex and the City?

No, not really. But I do love it.

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