Dream Categories

I finished Douglas Coupland's book, Microserfs, a little while ago. It's about a group of people just out of college who begin by slaving away at Microsoft--completely entrenched in the computer world. They live so much in their brains and in the contact between fingertips and keyboard that the rest of their bodies go sheepishly neglected. They break away from Microsoft to start their own company (the fabulous allure of one point oh) and move in with the main character's parents. I came away with the overwhelming sweetness of friendship, of being brains and bodies and souls, and of taking a risk to create something new.

And anyway, Coupland helps introduce each character by giving a list of his or her seven dream Jeopardy! categories. The seven categories to which nervous contestant so-and-so sighs in relief because heshe is an expert concerning those things. So here is a partial list of the people treasured by the Westovarians:

1. Arsenal
2. Why his preferences for arbitrary things are, in fact, important
3. Hiking in Washington
4. The Internet
5. Nice shirts
6. Dance music
7. The coolness of Levin in contrast to that of Anna K.

1. 90's Nickelodeon cartoons
2. Tolkien
3. Arsenal FC
4. Golf banter
5. The Big Lebowski
6. Speed traps on I-90
7. Sufjan songs

1. Sex and the City
2. Zumba
3. How it's not working with that one guy
4. Ways to abbreviate words
5. Frowny faces
6. Snacks
7. Running

1. Lutheran theology
2. The ins and outs (and what-have-yous) of wearing Chaco sandals year round
3. Parenthetical interjections
4. Jeopardy!
5. Star Wars/Halo/Mass Effect/BSG/Armory Wars/etc. storyline (basically a Sci-Fi geek)
6. Video games
7. Biblical Languages

1. Beer
2. Cats
3. Human anatomy
4. Health food
5. Natural remedies
6. Carnivale
7. Suzanne's sing-song commentary

Please add yourself.

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  1. Annie:

    1. Traveling in France
    2. Flirting
    3. To Kill a Mockingbird
    4. Keeping Children entertained/from crying
    5. Sex and the City
    6. Dealing with big, curly hair
    7. The joys and downfalls (mostly joys) of sundresses