recent findings

here are some things i have either:

a) discovered over the last few weeks via some of you or my own silly mistakes
b) decided that you should discover as well if you haven't already:

- watch the movie Tender Mercies. Directed by Bruce Beresford.

- sometimes the best parenting advice comes from people who are not parents.

- middle schoolers poop in their pants and leave their underwear on the ground.

- the seattle sculpture garden is rad.

- I like mark twain.

- accepting/receiving forgiveness is not easy.

- watch the movie 'the King of Kong'. Excellent.

- i've been lazy with writing and reading and speaking french. these are the three most important things in my life for the past 4 years. i've just been depressed that i've put them on the back burner. I am hoping to change that.

- rob bell did some great things with love wins. he also did some not great things. i want to thank him for provoking a conversation that i hope happens among those who care about that stuff. (i hope to write more on this later.)

- asking a kid, "what would it take to make you happy?" when they just said they feel hopeless is the wrong question.

- chocolate pasta is good. you can buy it at pike's place market.

- trying to be a good friend is hard work.

- i love mushrooms.

- there is sunlight over me no matter what i do.

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