You are alarming, Sir!"

This is an e-mail from my Dad:

"You are alarming, Sir!"

That is what the TSA agent said to me this morning at 5 am in PDX. "You are alarming, Sir!". After my incredulous look back at her, I took my belt off put it in the little tray, went thru the machine, collected my stuff from the scanner, and i thought that i had blown a wonderful opportunity for some pun, joke, or wisecrack that would have made her laugh (and everyone around me). I almost went back to talk to her after to try something, but after i got all my stuff collected I thought better of it. In anycase, what a quote eh? "You are alarming, Sir!"

Made me think of the turnstyle incident in DC. (inside joke for the Dugas family)

I present at 1:30 tomorrow Texas time. Prayer is wonderful.

Love to all - going beddy bye now.

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