my week.

This lovely girl writes me stories. One of the sentences goes, "RING RING goes the phone until someone answered the phone. Annie answered the phone and talked. Annie is a truth person. She cannot tell a lie." It's unrealistically lovely.

This album is old news, i know. Everyone has already expressed their love for this album years ago and it's time to move on yeah yeah yeah... but I still love it so very much. I confess I'm not savvy enough to notice the difference in sound sophistication between a vinyl record and an ipod. (I shrug.) But I do love watching it go round and around. I started to write down prayers or things I am thankful for because I don't pray enough. I had a hard time thinking of something to say ( I could list for hours things I am thankful for, but I want to express things that are specific to the time I'm writing and reflecting on my life.) I thanked him for the song Helplessness Blues. I feel really good about that.

I lost my wallet at a store tonight. (sunlight over me no matter what I do.) Jon told me I would give him an ulcer if I lose anything else. He is currently wearing George the Polar Bear on his head. (Well in this picture at least. If George is still on his head now I can't decide if I'm impressed or not surprised.) My sister gave George to Jon and Jon to George for Christmas. They are best friends.

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