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You know those bikes with the broad seat and the scooped frame and the upright wide handlebars? Those are not the epitome of bike-dom. I feel this needs to be mentioned because I've seen those bikes in advertisements and romance photos and greeting cards. You'd think they were top of the line or something*.

I found a few examples online. (In both, there's only one bike between the two of them... (?))

I've never actually seen someone who looks like she's having fun ride one of those bikes. A fun bike is one with drop-down handlebars a light, durable frame, a narrow seat -- something aggressive and fast. People can certainly own whatever bike they want, and cruisers have some advantages for beginners (easier to balance, e.g.), but going in for a bike as a prop rather than as a toy/ vehicle of transportation, exercise and enjoyment is selling the experience short.

*Of course, their presence in advertising has nothing to do with their quality as bikes. They're meant to induce a nostalgia or to vaguely reference a simpler, more serene life. Things like aggressive handling or speed have no place in this intended world.

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