What Is It I'm Supposed to Feel?

My coworker came and sat with me at my desk, today. One wall of my cube is made of windows looking out on an unfettered view of Lake Michigan, four panels of water, horizon, and sky. She looked out at the lake and said, “What is it I’m supposed to feel? Is it peaceful?” The fluorescent lights were on overhead. The heater rattled. She chuckled. “I feel nothing.”

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  1. I'm glad you documented this moment. I feel like it hits on a truth that we don't often recognize. Namely, that we each have our own lenses and get to see the world and things in the world however we want to. There should be no pressure from other people to think a poem by Keats is the most beautiful thing in the world, or that if you don't appreciate the Parthenon as a great work of architecture you're doing it wrong.

    I'm glad your coworker said that. It helps take some of the pressure off.