This Could Be Our Future

I have a group video project to film this afternoon, and I borrowed a video cam from Northwestern for it. And short story short - I made my first You Tube video!

In the grand realm of internet, I've also done these things:

* Made a twitter account! (Okay, so I used to have a twitter account, but forgot it. Now I made another one for myself and one for a fictional synesthete who owns an ice cream parlor.) @AngryBrownCarvr. I have twelve followers. (It's bad when you have so few followers that MLA-format deems you write the number long-hand.) Sometimes I get favorited. 

* Made a new Tumblr (this one I'm excited about). It's called Lemming On The Move: http://lemmingsonthemove.tumblr.com/

* Fertilized my plants, this morning, with Liquid Fish. That's a real-life thing, and it's as bad as it sounds. (Gross)

* Made a Google Drive spreadsheet to keep track of stuff I want to watch and read. Then there's columns for completion of said stuff and for thoughts and recommendations. If you would like to be added to that, let me know. 

* Jessica and I are going to make t-shirts. So stay tuned for that. 

End of self-promot-y post. I recommend enjoying Mitch's face. 

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