Confidentiality Spice

This is a quick post about my insecurities. I may need at least two other people in my presence to justify my right choices in life activities. Mitch is a good start, but he's legally bound to me, at this point, which, I'm afraid, might make him nil. Nilify him.

he ho he ho (breathe, it's going to be okay)

I have been watching through season one of Community. (I break down the plot lines of each of them because I want to be a TV writer, which makes my watching lots of TV by myself okay! AHAHAH...) And in episode 8 Act 2, Jeff moves into Abed's dorm room.

(Complete sidebar/ tangent: once Jon Fox and some other members of our friend group saw Danny Pudi at Andy's, one of our go-to bars when we lived in Spokane after college. I didn't see him, which was dissappointing, but this serves to prove that at one point I had a sitcom-worthy living situation.)

Abed watches cartoons and eats cereal and is happy and content.

TV is great, these days, but I have trouble watching the best shows without worrying - Ah... am I being adequately social? Are the unpopular police going to come and take me away?

It's not actually quite that bad, but I do envy Abed's (and other people like him) ability to sit down and whole-heartedly enjoy a thing without worrying about whether or not they're doing it wrong. "It" meaning life, and I don't like to talk about it. Which is clearly a lie.

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