"Sleep No More! Macbeth doth murder sleep!"

I just saw Sleep No More in NYC and I have never loved theatre more. Mostly because it wasn't theatre. It wasn't sitting in a chair, looking at a story, and then applauding. It was more than that. It blurred all line of what is real and what isn't. There were times when I felt like it was real and it was me and I've never been so involved in a story.

Sleep No More's tagline is "Put aside the everyday world and come with us to a land of madness." And that is what happens. You go to a hotel, get a mask, and step into the stage. You are encouraged to  be involved. You have to chase actors through the hotel. You stand two feet away from them the whole time. I talked to an actor after and he said the only time they are allowed to acknowledge the audience is when they are insane, dead, or magical.

I was drawn to the witches since I was a witch when I was in Macbeth and because of that I had a lot of intimate moments where I was involved in the story. If you show that you're open, they interact with you. I helped one of the witches wash blood off her shoulders, I dressed a man and helped him down the stairs, I got dragged into a room with a tea party and had a private conversation with the Queen Witch, I ate candy with the taxidermist... I can't even express how cool it all was. 

The point is: Go See Sleep No More.  Do it.

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