I'm an F*ing Genius

The Westovarian approach to problems, especially around the house, is not so much to fix them as it is to work around them. When Annie and I were roommates on Westover, the drain in our shower slowly stopped working. If you've seen Annie's hair, that won't surprise you.
Annie's hair
Instead of buying drano or calling our landlord, we just showered using less and less water.

I am, once again, taking the long way around a problem, and I think I'm being pretty clever. There's a leak on the hose of our kitchen faucet, and it's causing water to run down beneath the sink. It's already caused the lower shelf collapse.

Instead of getting a new faucet (which, admittedly, we should do at some point), I used science to work around this problem.

The surface tension of the water is causing it to run down the side of the metal tube and under the sink rather than just fall out of the leak and go down the drain. I have used a piece of string to reroute the water's path.

If you thought I'd do dishes before taking a picture of the sink, you should realize that this is not that kind of blog.
So far it's kind of working.

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  1. this is amazing. i still work around my hair problem too. I have yet to buy a hair catcher for the shower...