Saw my friend get married on the 5th of July. I really like her husband; I was pleased she chose him for the particular occasion. The wedding was beautiful, the vows handwritten, and my friend was lovely. I wanted to write about it, in particular, because I heard an anectdote that I liked a lot.

My friend had dated some fringe-y guys. She has an edge that can attract that kind of thing. The last guy who was trying to date her invited her on a snowboarding trip under the guise of "group" snowboarding trip. When he rolled up and said that nobody else could make it, she went with him anyway. When they got to the slope, she hopped out, grabbed her board, and took off saying, "See you at lunch!"

"That's just the kind of person she is." Said the teller of this anecdote.

When she met her now-husband and they started going on dates, she was a little concerned. "He's kind of vanilla," she complained. Then she leaned in.

"But it's really good vanilla."

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