Last night Kris and I went to the Swamp Tavern to play some pool. We got Pike Tandem and PBR and I set down to get my ass kicked. It was a Wednesday night so the place was pretty empty. There were a couple of folks up at the bar and a pair of men sitting at a table next to ours. One was sitting on a high chair, his arm rested on his table. His hair was dark and straight and his face was sort of feline, if you can picture that. The other man was standing. He was balding on top and his beard was grizzled. He wore a puffy vest. They stood close to one another as they talked.

They were close enough to us to occasionally get in the way of lining up a shot. Once in a while they would interject something into our conversation.

It was hard not to overhear them as I was busy not hitting balls in pockets. For the length of one of our games they talked strictly of dogs sniffing other dogs' asses. They discussed what they, the dogs, were saying, really. And they told stories of dog-ass-sniffing encounters they had seen recently.

They eventually called the evening finished and good and left that green-lit bar. When not long afterwards some more characters showed up. They played pool at the table next to us, and one guy was wearing a navy blue shirt with a picture of a dog sniffing another dog in the pooper. The caption: Do I know you?


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