If Banksy and O'Connor are at the top, Mr. Brainwash and I are at the bottom.

Amy and I decided that one of these days we need to flesh out the purpose of our blog.

In the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy made a comment towards the end of the film that in the past he believed all people were artists and should create art. After his experience with an extremely interesting character of a person, Thierry Guetta, Banksy completely changed his mind and would no longer offer such encouragement.

My point: My hope is that by the end of my life I could write something that Flannery O'Connor wouldn't despise. She wouldn't have to like it, really, but I wouldn't want her to hate it. For now I'm still at the annoyingly generic "Mr. Brainwash" section of this journey, (or a disorganized version of Radiohead's Pablo Honey stage) so please be patient.

I am going to think about the things I hear and experience in my life and share them with you right now. O'Connor encourages writers of fiction to stare. I'd like to figure out how to write my experience of staring. For now, I'm afraid I'm one of those writers who contemplates ideas and tries to put them into words.

Hopefully I'll become more interesting soon.

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