See Courtney Win.


I know, I know, the Bachelor is hookie. But there was something on this show that actually surprised me. If you actually watch this clip, (thanks! and I'm also sorry for wasting your time) one finds that people, (especially if supported by a group) like to make others into evil people. No matter how much someone apologizes for their actions, others are determined to make them into terrible human beings. I am sadden by this. So I wrote a story.

Context if Needed: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/courtney-robertson-on-the-women-tell-all/

See Courtney Win-

One day there was a silly show called the Bachelor. On the show there was a girl named Courtney. Courtney wasn't nice to the other girls.

Courtney had a hard time being in a house with 25 women who all wanted to marry the same man. Instead of trying to be friends with the girls she became friends with the camera.

This was a bad idea. Courtney said mean things to the girls because she could and because the bachelor liked her.

The other girls said the same mean things about Courtney. They talked about it to each other and behind her back so it wasn't as mean.

The directors of the show decided to show the clips of their filming that made Courtney look bad and the rest of the girls look good. They just wanted to make money and good TV.

After some time Courtney realized that the mean things she said were wrong and that she needed to say she was sorry.

The other girls didn't want to hear her apology and loved to yell at her and blame her.

One girl called Courtney a spider and that she should be squished. Everyone clapped and laughed.

The rest of the world decided it was important to have an opinion about the situation and also wanted her to be evil.

Nothing she could say or do could change the people's minds.

The End.

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  1. I watched some of that clip, and it's just so weird... the goal of the Bachelor is to win the freaking bachelor. All those women are acting like they all agreed to go on reality TV to hang out with one another and be friends.