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So... I've thought about getting a tattoo for a long time. It's something that interests me -- an option in the number of things to experience in life, and, as I am interested in art and in edginess (truly), I've considered getting one. I keep running into problems, though.

First, I've noticed that one reason people get tattoos is to signify something very meaningful to them, namely crosses. The problem that I have with getting a tattoo that represents something that means a lot to me is that it strikes me as sentimental. Plus, what if I change my mind later on in life? I want the freedom to do that. Furthermore, I'm at a point in life where showing that level of sincerity would be embarrassing. And so that leaves me...

Aesthetic reasons for getting a tattoo. I would want an image that had value in its own right. It would be something that wouldn't need explanation. Everyone would just immediately say, "That is awesome." The issue with this approach is that I can see a really beautiful image (like one of Annie Dugas's photographs) and not be emotionally compelled to put it on my body. Thus I have gone tattoo-less through my teenage years and into my mid twenties.

But I think I might finally have found it. It is possible that I have merged beauty and meaning so perfectly into one idea... I could finally have my tattoo.

It also started with a conversation...

I forget most of the conversation, but it included Mikey talking about getting a tattoo of the state of Oregon, he being from Oregon. Something like:

And then Mitch, being from Washington, said that he'd like to get the state of Washington.

I will get Colorado.

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