A Thought on the Last Episode of Game of Thrones


Last week was Season 3 Episode 3, "Walk of Punishment," of Game of Thrones. You'll remember how, in the end, Jamie Lannister's hand was cut off. My immediate response to this was, "Ah! What a terrible loss of value." Never mind Jamie's questionable character, detaching anyone's hand from his or her body is a terrible loss of functionality and, therefore, value. If we believe that the amount of value in the world isn't fixed, that it can be added to and taken from, then it's a shame if we, any of us, do take away from that value.

In college, we had to do this robotics project. My and my partner's robot drew random things on a piece of paper by sensing the border of that paper and then backing up and turning around. It was really hard to make. The dexterity, responsiveness, overall functionality of a human hand is amazing. Trying to emulate it using technology would be extremely expensive, and even biological hands undergo the expense of training - hours at learning how to do things. Cut someone's hand off and it all evaporates - the overall value in the world deduced by that much. No! Don't cut off people's hands.

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