Benign and Deviant

Last week on Harmontown, somebody came up and talked about Benign Violation Theory, a theory of humor, according to Wikipedia. He explained it as: we find things funny if they are at once both benign and deviant.

I saw a webisode of My Drunk Kitchen

for the first time, yesterday (which was 4/19 based on when I wrote this). It's Doctor Who themed, and I actually found it on Wil Wheaton's Google Plus thread. It has Hannah Hart (obviously) and Chris Hardwick (Nerdist!) in it. I want to be friends with all three of those people; good will practically emanates from all of them. That way, also, I could send my dad a picture of me and Wil, and he (my dad) would be thrilled.

My Drunk Kitchen stood out as a great illustration of something that was benign and deviant. Hannah is cooking in her own kitchen, not hurting anyone, not threatening. But she's also deviant because she's rebelling against all those cooking shows and magazines and the whole attitude that in order for someone to be an adult and have their shit together they need to have an organized kitchen and do meal planning and all that.

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