Traveling for a Year

When I was in Botswana with Lindsay we met an English/Kiwi couple who were out traveling for a year. It put my two-week trip to Africa to shame. Even when Mitch and I were on our six-week trip, we met loads of people who were traveling for longer periods. Leaving for months at a time seems to be a thing.

Something I like to think about - a game I like to play, really - is where I would go if I had a whole year to do it. If I had a month to spend in each country, which 12 countries would I go to?

Here are some cool itineraries that I've come up with:

The east coast of Africa to eastern Mediterranean trip:
South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece
The south east Asia to India trip:
Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka
(Talk about great food and scuba-diving opportunities.)

The west coast of South America to Central America trip:
Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala 

It's a goal of mine to travel for a year (not that I'd be able to do it anytime soon). Other goals include "become employed" and simple ones like "write for television" and "make lots of money". All in good time, my pretties. All in good time.

What 12 countries would you visit?

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