A Series of Physical Assaults

I'm working as a temp at Colorsado State University in Fort Collins, right now, and because of that, I get emailed these security notices about what happens in the community.

In the past month, there have been reports of a man physically assaulting women in the community. The reports provided by the police department have been vague on what's actually happening, but they have emphasized that the women in question were alone, outside, after dark.

The first couple of press releases remind citizens that they can increase their safety by "never travelling alone and by being aware of their surroundings". After two more women were attacked last weekend, the police department lengthened the list of safety precautions, saying:

"Fort Collins Police are encouraging citizens to exercise additional caution especially for female residents who are out in the community after dark. Please consider traveling in groups, carrying a cell phone, remaining in well-traveled areas, and carrying a flashlight."

Assuming these mostly uninformative press releases keep coming as the suspect keeps "physically assaulting" - I add quotes because I would like to know what that means, exactly - women, I was wondering how the Fort Collins Police Department's suggestions would evolve. 

So I traveled to the future to find out...

Then I traveled further into the future...

And further...

But the situation was never resolved. 

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