On Wedding Receptions and Taylor Swift

I was at a wedding reception, last night, It was for a couple in their early twenties, and after an hour or so of dancing, the party was starting to die. At least until the DJ put on the new single from Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off".

Women freaked out and rushed to the dance floor while the men filed off, at least initially. Generally, the attitude surrounding media made by, about, or (primarily) for women is that men need to get the fuck out of there.

But "Shake It Off" is one hell of a good pop song. The guys got back on the dance floor; the guests proceeded to foist the bride and groom into the air on chairs - despite the bride's initial protestations.

In a world where women are subject to a great deal of scrutiny, Taylor Swift is perhaps an example of how to get through life with one's identity still in tact. And, in my mind, she's only getting better.

Compare the end of the "Shake It Off" video, where Taylor goofily slides to floor and gives an approving nod, to her 2012 song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

The 2012 video is full of goofy dancing bears and other animals, an example of her exuberance. But just before the three-minute mark, Taylor shrugs at the camera and mouths "I don't know." She apologizes. She, in effect, takes it all back. I'm glad she doesn't feel like she needs to do that anymore.

She's giving us an excuse to dance aggressively and joyfully whether it's generally approved of or not.

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