I found something cool

I'm trying to figure out a way to compile all of my photos for this year's project 365. Last time I used iPhoto, but I wasn't super impressed with its features and the price tag for a book. (By November, I think my book was going to cost over 200 bucks.)

Luckily, I found this pretty neat resource that maybe you'd like as well. It's called Artifact Uprising.

You can make your own postcards, books, prints, wooden boxes, etc. of your own photos. The prices  are semi-reasonable for what you are getting, (a pack of 20 postcards of your own work for 30 dollars).

Or you can get super fancy and print one of your photos on a wood frame or on a piece of wood.

They use only recycled paper and products; read their spiel about their dedication to the environment. So that's good.

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