Week I: Project 365

A few years ago I decided to take one photo every day for an entire year, and I was pretty damn consistent. I didn't miss a day. A month before the finished project, my computer was stolen. I was careless; I left my computer on the curb in front of my apartment. I was very sad. (And pretty stupid if you ask me.)

This year I'm smarter, prepared with multiple backup methods, but not as motivated.

For some reason I haven't really enjoyed taking the photos during the first week of the year. None of them are particularly interesting to me. (Don't you love that I'm making you look at something I don't care for!) Days leading up to the first of 2014 I put pressure on myself to start off the year with awesome pictures full of proof that my life is truly awesome and exciting. This week I kept thinking that Jon and I have to do something spectacular so I can get a good shot.  In reality, the point of this whole project is to document all parts of life, including the mundane and uninteresting. 

So here you go, off to a great start! I hope you enjoy.

Jan 01. Seattle fog trumps fireworks. 

Jan 02. Beers at the Speckled and Drake. The bar's name bugs Jon. It should be Speckled Drake. Adjectives and nouns, people. But their happy hour is definitely happy. 

Jan 03. alley way near belltown

Jan 04. west seattle.

Jan 05. I can never seem to drink a cup of coffee without dripping all over the mug.

Jan 06. Back to school= back to this beast.

Jan 07. Jon eating grilled cheese.

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