Annie Plays Halo

I had Annie play Halo with me, John, and all the good people online, the other day. She had only ever played once, before, and that was a long time ago. But she is a good sport, so it was a fun time.

She moved around okay. She took to continuously shooting the ground 15 feet in front of her in the hopes of getting lucky. At one point, John (our teammate) saw shots fly at him over his left shoulder. Concerned, he turned around to find that it was Annie, and then he got assassinated from behind by an opposing player.

When Annie's character died (one of the times), she yelled, "What is he doing!" as her killer hit B repeatedly over her dead body. Just hit X, blue skittle, I said. She did and her character stood up from the ground, grabbed the offending player, and body-slammed him over her knee, breaking his spine as she yelled, "I'm new! You have to be nice to me!"


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