Top Ten Sexiest Characters in Beauty and the Beast

We've come to end the age-old dispute over which characters in Beauty and the Beast are, in fact, the sexiest. A lot of blood has been spilled over this matter, family's torn asunder, and we, at the Westovarian, want to give the world a gentle nudge into an era where we are all a little bit more at peace with one another. Without further ado,

1. The Wardrobe - Great drawers. Good in the bedroom.

2. Lumiere - So slender. So smooth.

3. Belle - Okay, fine. 

4. Mrs. Potts - Supple. Often hot. 

5. The Beast - Belle didn't just kiss him out of the goodness of her heart, now, did she?

6. The Napkins - Nicely color coordinated. And they're just pretty. 

7. Phillipe - The Beast is also an animal, so.

8. The Stove - Mah mah mah mah mah mah

9. Cogsworth - He's, like, kind of portly and sassy. Seems like he could use a lay, and we always like to help a brother in need. 

10. Chip - We know you were thinking it. Sicko.

Honorable mentions: the feather dusters, the coat hanger, Gaston

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