Mind the Gap!

Last night on the train, there were four guys standing by the doors. Kind of tough-looking guys, they didn't appear to know each other. One of them was an older black guy, there was a white guy, and two Latino-looking guys. They were just standing, not talking. It was around ten thirty at night.

We stopped at Belmont, and the black guy, facing the door, pulled an iPhone out of his bag. In pulling it out, the phone got away from him, and it bounced its way out the open door of the train. Between the train and the platform there's a gap that's plenty large to fit an iPhone. It didn't fall down that, though, and the man was able to step out of the train, retrieve his phone, and step back in before the doors closed.

The other three guys empathized with him immediately. They were visibly relieved when the man got his phone back. The white guy gave a recap of his emotions throughout the ordeal ("Then I was like, oh no! And then there was the crack and the door! And, like, wow.") The black guy told the others that it was a new phone on top of everything.

It was nice to see people on the train empathizing with one another so spontaneously, even if it was over an iPhone. Sometimes people are alright.

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