Thought on Last Week's Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 6, "The Climb"

Toast with jelly. Baileys nightcap. Sparkling Ice Mountain natural spring water, lemon essence. Delicious. (Getting my keyboard sticky.)

Okay, can we all agree that this last episode was the best one so far in season three? The Brienne and Jamie story line is really rolling. Last week we had the somewhat-strange bath scene between the two of them, roiling in platonic intimacy. And this week we get them at a dinner table, Jamie trying to cut his steak with one hand and Brienne wearing a dress (pink). They're facing across from the head (I think) of their captors, while they're fate is doled out. Brienne, ever stern, slams her fork into Jamie's steak, pinning it down for him to cut. Afterwards, the head captor says something at which she takes offense. Her hand on the table, she instinctively grips her steak knife. Jamie is busy smooth-talking and, without missing a beat, briefly places his hand on Brienne's. She calms down.

Bravo! Wonderful! Amen! It was a major pay-off, for me. I feel like I could watch those two actors together all day.

My complaint of the week is those darn reoccurring torture scenes. Nobody knows what's going on, and it's almost the same scene week to week. I just can't see, at this point, what they add. I don't think when we find out why this person is being tortured we'll be like - oh, you know it was a good thing I saw that fifth one. Finding out what was going on would have been so much less rewarding if I only saw torture scenes one through four.

Alright, til next time. And, remember, dismemberment is bad for the economy.

Edit 5/10/13:

I also meant to point out that this episode passed the Bechdel Test. The two women with Bran (who have names I can't remember. Ask Mitch; he knows them.) have a conversation with one another about skinning rabbits. All the more reason to like this episode.

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