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This is a follow up post to the one I did back in February called A Guy on Facebook. A recap: he is a guy that I went to high school with; we weren't great friends or anything, but our school was small and we had classes together, and he struck me as an interesting and decent person. We could have been friends, but I was too preoccupied with fitting in a certain crowd and with school and with playing basketball and soccer. So it goes. It's fine.

Anyhow, this guy - I'll call him A - has been continuing to post on Facebook and hasn't fallen in to basic self-promotion like I thought he would. I've continued to be impressed with his voice and his honesty. Facebook gets a lot of flack, and I think its users have, on average, some level of disdain for it. I do. But I think while we're eager to "figure out" the internet - call it bad or good or whatever - it's as bad or good as what we put into it.

Recently, on A's wall, a post went up, to which people's responses made me feel really good:

Those people who responded are people from my high school, and for the most part, we weren't friends with one another. In addition to A being surprised at the relatability of his post, I was surprised that I wasn't the only one who found them relatable. 

It makes me feel great that other people are trying to figure out humanity and are also having an anxious time of it. I like it when people are good to each other and how they don't always punish vulnerability. Like. Like. Like.

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