My Friends are Doing Cool Stuff: Nic Vargus Podcasts about Twitter

Nic was something of a phenomenon in the Whitworth English department - he was getting paid to write stuff. He was freelancing articles about tech and video games while the rest of us were just completing homework assignments. He's talented and driven and energetic. He'd keep after editors until they'd let him write for them.

After he graduated, he did some things that I'm hazy on. (I'm, number one, not great friends with him. And, number two, I feel like his career trajectory is genuinely difficult to keep track of.) Writing related, tech related stuff. Now he works for Mac Something - it's impressive whatever it is - and lives in San Francisco.

What I do know is that he and his friends have started doing a podcast, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. (I'm at my desk eight hours a day, and my work doesn't require all of my brain. So I listen to stuff on the internet almost all day. I'll do a run-down, sometime, on fantastic stuff to listen to.) It's called "The Only Podcast in the World", and you can find it at this link: http://theonlypodcastintheworld.tumblr.com/

As of this writing, they only have three episodes (episodes zero through two). To some extent they're still figuring out who they are as a podcast and what they want to be about, but for now they've been talking a lot about twitter. (They've forayed a bit into LinkedIn, but I'm not interested in that.) They're expressing their twitter theories and experimenting with unconventional ways to get more followers.

One of my favorite bits has been Dean's strategy of tweeting very little in order to get more followers on the rational that people will enjoy his "nice quiet feed." Another has been Nic's expressed satisfaction at the number of twitter followers he has now: "I have enough followers that I can tweet a question or thought and get responses from a diverse group of people. Because otherwise what's the point of Twitter? It's just to be able to hear people who aren't yourself."

That's why I like Nic. He's an advocate of a lot of stupid stuff - like standing on street corners and asking for twitter followers via cardboard sign - and will do whatever and be brazen about it, but he's also a pretty good thinker and has good ideas. He's worth watching for, is what I'm saying.

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  1. Oh, he told me the Mac Something he works for is Apple.